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Nava Group invests in and develops products and companies specialized in modern technology solutions which may contribute to a fossil-free world or streamline our daily lives.

Nava Group supports the portfolio companies to a viable position in a future market by building up and developing their concept idea to a sustainable business.

The portfolio companies gain additional strength by utilizing each other’s areas of expertise. Together, they can offer their customers a wider range of services with maintained expert knowledge.


Portfolio companies

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Energisystem Optimering (ESO) is a comprehensive concept developed by Nava Group. ESO consists of modules; each with a specific main functionality and which collaborate perfectly for optimal results. ESO is a flexible, adaptable, future-proof and cost-effective system that streamlines energy use in various real estate.

EEoT (Electricity, Energy & Technology) is a college level educational institute with focus on ”green technology” and with keywords: environment friendly, energy efficient, sustainable. It started its first edutation, Optimization of Sustainable Energy Systems in August 2020. This education has been requested by several well-known Swedish companies with strong need of this kind of competence.

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SKYDD Säkerhetsteknik has been working with security technologies for over ten years. Customers are private housing, offices, shops, department stores, schools, industries, real estate, ships, public transport, state and municipalities, hotels, mansions, museums and castles. SKYDD Säkerhetsteknik is active in Stockholm, Västerås and Uppsala.

AVIC is a specialist in smart audio, image and control systems. AVIC offers fully customized comprehensive solutions for private homes, businesses, schools and commercial environments.

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